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Speed Triple 750/900 > Fuel, Oil Filters, Air Filters > Mikuni carburettor seal overhaul kit

Mikuni carburettor seal overhaul kit (J080)


Float chamber seal and x 5 O-rings. All seals are manufactured from DuPont Viton to resist damage from ethanol. Float O-rings (2), pilot screw O-ring, carburettor vacuum take off O-ring, slide block O-ring and x 2 new float chamber cover screws. We know it says in all the manuals never do it, but in the real world a piece of fuse wire can be pushed through the pilot jet and pilot air screw hole, compressed air often doesn't clear the jets if blocked. It's common for the two float O-rings to harden and cause over fuelling problems. When refitting the float assembly into the carburettor body with the new O-rings, use a little lubrication on the new O-rings such as WD40. Fitting instructions included.

While ethanol mixed with petrol/gasoline is known to lower engine / tailpipe emissions, these blended fuels  increased permeation through plastic and rubber. Viton has excellent chemical resistance and helps resist these problems, but unfortunately carburettor rebuilds in the future may well be more frequent as the percentage of ethanol increases in pump fuels. If the bike is not to be used for a long period, it's a good idea to drain the fuel from the fuel tank and carburettors.

Fits: Adventurer, Daytona 750/900, Daytona Super III, Legend TT, Speed Triple 750/900, Sprint 900, Sprint Executive, Sprint Sport, Thunderbird 900, Thunderbird Sport, Trident 750/900, Tiger 900, Trophy 900


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