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Tiger 800 & XC > Brakes > Earls brake hose to order

Earls brake hose to order (B076)

B076 Earls brake hose to order B076 Earls brake hose to order

Earls stainless steel braided hose with neatly crimped stainless steel ends can be supplied to order for every model. We charge per hose with the choice of clear, black or no covering on the braiding. Popular models are stocked, others to order in approximately 3 or 4 days. Hoses are supplied with new copper banjo sealing washers. Recently produced models from Triumph are equiped with braided hoses (although the ends are plated not stainless steel) for reduced lever travel over earlier models with their reinforced rubber hoses. Custom lengths no problem. 

Earls stainless steel braided hose with stainless steel banjo crimped ends with new copper sealing washers. 600/650/750/800/865/900/955/1000/1050/1200/2300. Priced per hose. Please state model when ordering.

Hose covering ?:

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