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BRAKE PADS - We stock organic (Armstrong), Semi-sintered (Nissin NS - see picture left) and fully sintered (DP and Nissin ST - see picture left) brake pads. Organic pads are resin bonded, kind to the discs, generally quieter and fine for general road use. Sintered pads are made from metal particles put under pressure and heat, offer the best stopping power, but also cause the most rotor wear and can make the most noise. Virtually all original equipment pads are now sintered. They are also the least affected by adverse conditions and are the pad to choose for high speed and track days. Sintered pads can feel 'grabby' and may lack 'feel' at the lever. Semi-metallic pads fall right in the middle for durability and performance. A trade off between sintered and organic, they still stop well, cause less rotor wear with better lever feel than sintered metallic pads and normally make less noise.

Nissin brake pad compound chart shown left.

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