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Speed Triple 750/900 > Rear Suspension > YSS Rear Suspension Unit

YSS Rear Suspension Unit (SR115)

SR115 YSS Rear Suspension Unit

YSS  Z-Series rear suspension unit with ride height adjuster, rebound damping adjuster and adjustable preload (release lock ring with allen key and rotate with a tommy bar - both included). Ride height adjusts overall length from 312 mm to 323 mm. (YSS claim up to 325 mm). Rigid 16 mm central shaft and 50 mm piston.

Fits 750/900 Trident, 750/1000/900/1200 Daytona, 750/900 Speed Triple, Sprint 900, Sprint Sport, Sprint Executive, 900/1200 Trophy.

The last 1200 Trophy twin headlight models made had a longer rear unit (use our product SR072), but the YSS unit can be fitted fully extended on ride height giving a slightly lower seat height. This will impact on the centre stand, making lifting more difficult if a lower ride height than standard is used. Made in Thailand.





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