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Sprint ST 1050 & GT > Rear Suspension

Sprint ST 1050 & GT

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ID: SD555 Drag Link Bearing Kit, 1050 Sprint ST
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Bearings, seals and hardened sleeves to fit 1050 Sprint ST rear suspension drag link.

The drag link has no grease nipple fitted and unless the original crowded roller type needle bearings are routinely regreased, they fail due to lack of lubrication. We supply half complement type needle bearings which although they have a lower loading rating, retain more grease and last longer in service. 



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ID: SD562 DropLink Bearing Kit 955/1050 Sprint ST and RS Single Sided Swinging Arm.
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Drop link bearings, seals and threaded hardened sleeve to fit 955 Sprint ST/RS single sided swinging arm, 1050 ST and Sprint GT.



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ID: SD565 Drag Link Bearing Kit, 1050 Sprint GT
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Drag link repair kit. bearings, seals and hardened sleeves for 1050 Sprint GT



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ID: SD580 Swinging Arm Pivot Bearing Set 955 & 1050
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Swinging arm bearing and seal kit to fit all single sided swinging arm Daytona, Speed Triple and Sprint ST/RS models.

Fits: Daytona T595, Daytona 955 (single sided swinging arm), Speed Triple T509, 955 Speed Triple, 1050 Speed Triple & R, 955 Sprint RS, 955 Sprint ST, 1050 Sprint ST and 1050 Tiger Sport.



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