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Sprint 955 ST, RS

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ID: C347 Clutch lever 600/650/675/955 Daytona, Street Triple and 955 Speed Triple.
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Replacement lever for Daytona 600/650, 675 Daytona and Street Triple 675. Also fits Speed Four after vin 201642, 955 Daytona models from vin 186150. Late model single sided swinging arm 955 Sprint RS from vin 186151.



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ID: C348 Clutch lever T595/955 Daytona, 955 ST/RS and 955 Speed Triple.
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Clutch lever fits all TT600, Speed Four as well as 955 Sprint RS/ST, T595/955 Daytona and 955 Speed Triple models up to VIN 186150.



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ID: C354 Adjustable Front brake lever 600/650/955 Daytona and 955 Speed Triple.
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Correct shape replacement front brake lever to fit TT600, Speed Four, 600/650 Daytona, 955 Sprint RS, 955 Sprint ST, Street Triple 675, Scrambler, Thruxton, SE and Bonneville from vin 380777, T509 Speed Triple, T595/955 Daytona, 955 Speed Triple, 1050 Speed Triple up to vin 333179 and 1050 Tiger.

Will also fit to upgrade to adjustable on Bonneville, T100, America and Speedmaster.



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ID: C356 Front brake Tiger Explorer, Tiger 800
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Front brake lever as fitted to Street Twin, Bonneville T120, Bonneville T120 Black, Thruxton (Liquid cooled), Trophy 1215, Trophy 1215 SE, Tiger 800, Tiger XC, XCA, XRT, Tiger 1050, Tiger Sport and Tiger Explorer. Can be fitted to most of the Triumph non radial front brakes if desired. Alloy finish.



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