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Trident 750/900 > Mudguards, Extenders, Huggers

Trident 750/900

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ID: G321 Mudguard extender rear
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Fits 750/900 Trident, 900/1200 Trophy (for the 2013> Trophy see product code 609), 750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, 900/955 Tiger and 955 Sprint RS/ST.



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ID: Z960 M6 Rubber Wellnuts Front Guard Fixing 3350060-T0301
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Set of x4 rubber nuts with 6 mm brass threaded insert used for front guard and fairing fixing. These replace the original Wellnuts Triumph part 3350060-T0301. Early carburettor front guards had metal inserts with later models this was replaced with these rubber inserts. 

Front guard fixing:  Sprint 900, Sprint RS 955, Sprint GT, Sprint ST 955, Sprint ST 1050, Trident 750/900, Trophy 900/1200, Tiger 900 (injection) and Tiger 955.

Fairing side fixing: 750/900/1000/1200 Daytona and 900/1200 Trophy



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